This rugged, high-performance scarifier with a pressed-steel deck and powerful 135cc engine is well-equipped to take-on larger-scale domestic lawn-care applications.

The engine itself is a Honda GC135 model; a 4hp four-stroke power-pack that employs Honda’s latest overhead-cam layout so as to maximise performance, while minimising noise, maintenance and fuel consumption. Fast and reliable starting is assured thanks to Honda’s provision of an automatic choke and decompression system.

The Apache S390H Petrol Scarifier has been equipped with 16 carbon-steel blades that work to open up the surface of the lawn, in turn enabling oxygen, nutrients and water to get right down to the turf’s root system for impressively lush and vigorous growth.

It sits on four smooth-rolling dual ball-bearing-mounted wheels that combine with its lightweight build (33kg) to make it easy to push across rough ground; and it features a convenient handlebar-mounted lever that makes it simple to adjust the working-depth of the knives.

Other stand-out features include a large-capacity 45-litre debris catcher, which means there’s no need for follow-up work with a garden rake; and a fold-down handlebar that will leave you with more space in your storage area.


38cm/15" Working Width
0 - 10mm Working Height
Steel Chassis
Honda Series GC135 135cc Engine
16 Fixed Blades
Bag Capacity 45lt
Weight 33kg
Recomended for 1000m