The new Multi-Vac creates the standard by which all outdoor vacuums will now be measured. Billy Goat engineers started with a rear wheel drive and top-fill design. From there they added an adjustable intake, three speed transmission, a 40-gallon zipper less bag, and a quality Honda engine.

From the expert in lawn and litter vacuums, Billy Goat has the right unit whether you're a property owner, contractor, or institutional user.


* Picking up leaves 29 inches wide as you walk.


* Awesome Suction Power - Picks up 90% of leaves in a single pass


* 29" Adjustable Intake Door - Opens large enough to inhale leaves 5 inches deep and closes down to vacuum dense heavy debris on hard surfaces


* 40 Gallon Zipper-less bag - Easy/In Easy/Out design and large enough to accommodate up to 50lbs of leaves


* Unique Top Fill Design-Keeps dust out of operator s face and ensures optimum filling


* 3 Speed Transmission - Ultra smooth and extremely durable (self-propelled model)


* Disposable Liners - Handle debris once and then drop curhside


* Optional Accessories - On-Board Hose kit and Felt Bag


£2,510.00 Regular Price
£2,339.00Sale Price