TKV650SPH - Wheeled Vacuum The 27” TKV lawn and litter vac offers an integral on-board 2” chipper. Now you can add branches to all your leaf, seed, blooms, mulch, litter and debris cleanup jobs. The TKV is deal for residential and property maintenance and the self-propelled power takes the chore and fatigue out of hilly turf cleanup. An optional hose kit helps between shrubs, beds and under decks or utilities. Billy Goat vacuums are so rugged and reliable that many have been in service for over 20 years. Put the power and reliability of a Billy Goat TKV to work on your cleanup projects and depend on its quality operation for years to come.

Billy Goat’s next generation 27” wide lawn and litter vacuum is ideal for residential and property maintenance and builds on our 40 year legacy of strong suction, simple operation, and reliable design that makes outdoor vacuum clean-up a snap.


* 12" Wheels

Helps Maneuvering in tight spaces

and rolling through leaves


* Designed for Rugged Use

Collect pinecones, leaves, grass clippings, bottles, cans all while walking at a comfortable pace.


* All New Bag Design

Zipperless bag features commercial grade

nautical fasteners for easy unloading.


*Rear Wheel Drive


* Operator-Friendly Height Adjustment

4 easy adjustments from the handle.


* Integral Dust Skirt

Keeps Dust Away From Operator's Face


•On-board 2” chipper


•Large 5-blade impeller with serrated edges


•Variable height adjustment


•Integral dust skirt


•Zipperless bag


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£1,739.00Sale Price

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