First cordless chainsaw with 36V lithium-ion battery The AKE 30 LI from Bosch makes over 100 cuts with one battery charge

Bosch is launching the AKE 30 LI, the world's first chainsaw with a 36V lithium-ion battery, onto the market. It gives the user the cordless freedom of a petrol chainsaw and the advantages of an electric chainsaw in one tool. With its power and the 30-centimetre-long chain bar the AKE 30 LI copes with all sawing work around the house and in the garden. Thanks to the tried-and-tested 36V lithium-ion battery from Bosch, the AKE 30 LI can perform more than 100 cuts (10 x 10cm fence post, soft wood) with one battery charge. That is at least 2.5 times more than current cordless chainsaws on the market. It also means that even work that takes longer, for example in orchards, can be completed in a very eco-friendly way and without the need for a mains connection. Unlike petrol chainsaws, there is no strenuous starting by pulling a cord, no noise generated by a combustion engine, no breathing in of exhaust fumes, no refuelling, nor is there any need for recurring tool maintenance. The energy requirement of the cordless chainsaw is ten times less than that of a comparable petrol saw. It requires only about 0.1 kilowatt hours to fully charge the battery of the cordless chainsaw from your household plug socket, whereas the petrol chainsaw requires about 1.3 kilowatt hours for the same work. The fact that the chainsaw has no cable means that it has the best manoeuvrability and it saves you both the trouble and the safety risks associated with electric cables. The chainsaw can be easily used wherever you need it. The compact design of the new cordless chainsaw makes it perfect for cutting in dense growth and for hard pruning. The balanced weight distribution, the ergonomic handles and the low vibration due to the smooth-running motor ensure effortless working. The new SDS tensioning system on the cordless chainsaw makes it easy to fit the chain bar and tension the chain without tools. This enables the user to start his work quickly. The chain tension is also retained during sawing – for at least the duration of work with one battery charge. The automatic oil pump system ensures optimum chain lubrication at all times. Bosch has equipped the AKE 30 LI with an electronic kick-back brake, which reacts within a tenth of a second. A warning signal sounds when the user tries to start the machine when the kick back brake is activated. When the on/off switch is released, a run-out brake also stops the chain electronically. The special profile of the chain links reduces the kick-back tendency without any loss in sawing performance. Additionally, the user is protected by a hand guard and a chain catcher. Steel claws ensure a secure grip during the entire sawing process.


Power Cordless
Bar length (") 12






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