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The garden vacuum/ leaf blower from Bosch enables you to easily remove leaves from driveways, patios and other garden areas and is the most convenient and easiest way to remove or collect garden waste. The garden vacuum or leaf blower is one of the most important garden utensils in autumn. It reliably tidies up when your lawn is covered with fresh leaves that can also turn paths into a dangerous, slippery surface. Whether leaves or other organic waste the garden vacuum is a unique possibility to dispose of them quickly. It enables you to get the last leaves out of nearly unreachable corners – effortlessly and powerfully, for a perfectly maintained garden. You can also make use of three functions in one tool - the garden vacuum frees your garden of leaves, shreds them to a tenth of the volume to enable better composting, and can also be converted for use as a leaf blower. The ALB36LI comes complete with AL 3620 (1.5 h) charger for lithium-ion batteries and 36 V/2.6 Ah High-Power lithium-ion battery.


Weight (kg)2.8
Max Domestic Warranty (mth)24


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