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The bigger and more complex your garden is, the more you have to work to maintain the lawn edges along paths, walls, trees and flower beds. Bosch has a complete range of corded and cordless grass trimmers for this. In addition to a lawnmower, many gardeners use a grass trimmer. It offers the advantage of being able to flexibly access hard-to-reach areas and precisely cut the lawn edges in those areas. A grass trimmer helps you to save a lot of time and strength when working in the garden. The Bosch grass trimmers impress with their ergonomic design and easy handling. Their telescopic handle is height-adjustable, which makes them comfortable to use. The perfectly balanced trimmer can efficiently cut grass even up to a height of 15 centimetres. Trimming is made much easier by the rotatable cutting head. The flexible possibility to tilt the trimmer shaft helps you when cutting grass under benches or bushes. The high-quality garden tools from Bosch combine the best comfort with full power. The ART 35 is ideal for cutting high and hard grass, meadows and wild corners of the garden.


Power Input (watt)600
Cutting path width (mm)350
Max sound pressure (dB)87
Weight (kg)4.6
Shaft typeBent
Max Domestic Warranty (mth)24


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