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If you’re electric strimmer’s no longer cutting the mustard and the idea of petrol-driven machine is appealing, the high-quality but remarkably low-priced Harry BC220BS Grass Trimmer is worth serious consideration.

Its curved-shaft design puts the cutter-head at the perfect angle for comfortable, low-effort trimming and edging; while its small-displacement 22cc two-stroke engine will prove powerful but nevertheless cheap to run.

Also featured is an ergonomic ‘loop’-type handle that confers excellent control and manoeuvrability.

Comes with a twin-nylon-line cutter head.


  • A great-value grass-trimmer that doesn’t compromise on performance or build-quality
  • Curved shaft, lightweight design and ‘loop’ handle - enjoy superior operator comfort
  • Super-efficient two-stroke air-cooled engine




£139.00 Regular Price
£129.00Sale Price
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