Ease of operation is the focus of the 260BX which features class leading anti vibration of 2.0m/s, allowing long fatigue free use and true user comfort, as well as other intuitive functions like easy start, auto choke return and cruise control. The kinked blowing tube also eliminates gyro forces to keep the blower straight when in use.

The blower includes 2 different attachments, offering powerful focused airflow, or a wider spread for more general work. Thanks to the engine being isolated from the handle, the 260BX features an exceptionally low vibration reading,for extended comfortable use.


Low Vibration


The efficient damping system on this MITOX® model effectively reduces vibration from being transmitted to the operator, making it ideal for long periods of work and all-day commercial use.



Full Crank Engines

Providing superior performance, lower vibration, and considerably longer service life when compared to Half Crank (single bearing) engines, commonly used on low cost domestic garden machinery.




Easy Starting


Easy starting thanks to a fuel primer bulb and auto choke return. Simply prime and set the choke to closed, then use the recoil starter to fire the powerful 2-stroke engine into life. The choke is turned off automatically when the throttle is applied.




Clean Air Intake System

The premium quality air filter prevents dust from entering the engine and is easily removed without the need for tools, allowing routine servicing.




Metal Shredder

The metal tri-blade of the vacuum impellor, shreds leaves as they are collected, reducing their volume by 12:1




Cruise Control

The throttle control features a cruise control trigger which allows the user to preset the throttle for periods of longer use, reducing fatigue.


Engine Mitox PREMIUM 2-Stroke
Displacement 27.6cc
Power 0.80kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 400ml
Noise Pressure LPA 109 dB (A)
Vibration 2.0 m/s2
Airspeed 161 mph
Weight 4.8kg
Warranty (domestic/commercial) 5 Year / 90 Day
Fuel / Oil Mixture 40:1


£199.00 Regular Price
£179.00Sale Price

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