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Broadcast spreaders cut down on the number of passes necessary to fully cover your lawn due to their wide distribution pattern (up to 12 feet). Because of their random distribution pattern, over-fertilizing and under-fertilizing are reduced.

When you need to start, re-start or weed and feed your lawn, spread everything from fertilizer to seed with Agri-Fab spreaders. Choose tow or push models that get the job done; solid construction and reliable design ensure even and continuous flow and spread of materials, eliminating “streaks.” All Agri-Fab hoppers are constructed of weather and corrosion resistant polyethylene.


* Hopper:poly


* Capacity: approximately 175 lbs


* Approximate Coverage: 40,000 sq ft


* Spread Width: 10' - 12'


* Drive Type: heat-treated steel gear


* Axle: 3/4 diameter


* Tire: 15" x 6" pneumatic turf tread with ball bearings


* Weight: 55 lbs


* Cart Size: 18.."h x 31.5"w x 35"l


* Vinyl cover: included


Capacity (lb)175
Approx Coverage (sq. ft)40000
Flow Control TypeLever
Spread Width (")12
Wheel Size (")15
Tire TypePneumatic
Weight (lbs)56


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