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All of our servicing and repairs are performed to manufacturers standards. We have qualified mechanics who are experienced in every area. Our aim is to service your machine to a standard that you have never experienced before. Every machine is thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Where possible we only use genuine manufacturers parts, NOT cheap copies like a lot of companies do. Every cylinder mower has the cylinder hand painted and we use our on site professional cylinder grinder to give you a precision cut. We work to demand (evenings and weekends) so that our waiting lists during peak times are a lot shorter than other local dealers. Our mechanics work 6 days a week so professional technical advise is always available.

Since February 2020 we have been using Aspen fuels in all of our service work. Every petrol machine that we service will be returned to you with Aspen fuel in the tank and it will also come with some extra Aspen fuel for you to use.

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