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Even the entry-level range in the WOLF-Garten lawn tractor generation is convincing due to its high functionality and excellent price to performance ratio on top of the "Made in Germany" attribute.

For more than 80 years, red and yellow have been synonymous for excellent gardening technology. Starting with the first WOLF-Garten tool ever produced, a field hoe modified into a drag hoe, the company's founder, August Wolf, simplified field work for farmers. Hereby started an exemplary success story, which made WOLF-Garten one of the largest full-service suppliers with the widest range of products for hobby gardeners in Europe. The red and yellow brand with its above-average awareness levels ensures unique product recognition. Convincing quality features, documented by a large number of quality seals and successes in comparison tests, ensure high trust levels with consumers. Continuous intensive research and development, for example in WOLF-Garten's own large lawn research institute, provide a mine of information for innovation potential. This means that the company in Betzdorf is geared for the future within Germany and throughout Europe.


* Pivoting front axle.


* Floating Deck.


* Turf saving tyres.


* Transmatic tranmission: allows gear change on the move.


* Step through frame for easy mount and dismounting.


* Front head lights.


* Fan assist cutter deck.


* 200lt Grass collector.


Maximum Cutting Height (mm)95
Lowest Cutting Height (mm)30
EngineBriggs & Stratton Single 344cc
Turning radius (cm)46


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