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Spreaders are designed to evenly fertilise lawns with nutrients needed for growth, colour, root strength and overall health. Late summer and early Autumn are the best times to fertilise, providing extra nutrition through winter. Specifications: 7-gallon (dry) 85 lb / 38 kg hopper capacity Up to 14,200 sq. ft. coverage; roughly 3/10 acre On/off control accessible from tractor Up to 10 ft spread width for reliable coverage Pneumatic tyres allow for smooth transport and easy manoeuvrability Specifications should be used as a guideline only, conditions will affect performance e.g. tyre pressure, firmness of the ground, length of the grass and weight of the operator


Capacity (lb)85
Approx Coverage (sq. ft)14000
Spread Width (")120
Wheel Size (")10
Tire TypePneumatic
Weight (lbs)18


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