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The UniversalAquatak 135 is a compact tool helping you to manage all your cleaning needs quickly and effortlessly. The high-pressure washer comes with an innovative 3-in-1 nozzle with pencil jet thus ensuring 10 percent improvement in cleaning performance compared to its predecessors. With its powerful 135 bar, three cylinder pump the Aquatak 135 provides you with all the power you need to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks. Thanks to its sturdy wheels and an extending fold-down handle, moving the high-pressure washer becomes effortless.


The UniversalAquatak 135 delivers a fast, flexible and effortless cleaning solution for a wide range of cleaning tasks. Equipped with a new 3-in-1 nozzle with pencil jet, the high-pressure washer enables you to tackle different types of outdoor cleaning – whether car cleaning, patio cleaning, gutters, garden furniture or garden stonework. The nozzle has fan, rotary and pencil jet settings thus ensuring an exactly targeted jet of water as well plain work; just one turn changes the nozzle in whatever you need.


The UniversalAquatak 135 is equipped with a three cylinder, 135 bar pump delivering enough power to remove even stubborn dirt. For a faster application of detergent, the UniversalAquatak 135 comes with high-pressure detergent nozzle which enables you to distribute the cleaning foam quickly over the surface to be cleaned. All accessories, hose and cables can be stored directly at the high-pressure washer ensuring a quick and easy storage as well as fast availability during work.




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