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Quick, wire-free setup

Connect and control your robotic mower using the Navimow app. With just a few taps, you can set virtual boundaries, mark off-limit areas, and draw safe channels to connect multiple zones.


EFLS 2.0, Vision-enhanced, fits all gardens

EFLS 2.0: an AI-enhanced GNSS location system provides stable centimetre-level positioning to handle an incredibly diverse range of lawn layouts.


Effortless mapping all the way

With the all-new AI-powered Assist Mapping feature, Navimow identifies the edges of your lawn during mapping and automatically navigates and maps the entire work area. *


Efficient, Flawless Lawn Maintenance

Mows your lawn exactly how you like it, intelligently recharges, and keeps mowing until the job is done. Changes mowing direction after 100% coverage, so your lawn stays healthy and fresh-looking.

Smart object avoidance


VisionFence enables Navimow to proactively and smoothly avoid objects. A fish-eye camera with a 140-degree field-of-view provides a wide detection range, and built-in AI algorithms distinguish grass from other common objects.


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