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Lightweight grass trimmer for tidying your garden edges. Along walls, under trees or even your lawn borders, its ideal for putting the finishing touches to your garden. Comes standard with AutoCut head and can also fit a PolyCut head for thinning work and larger weeds.

Steep meadow or embankment, tough grass, undergrowth or bush work: STIHL brush cutters and clearing saws are made to the highest standards, to perform a wide variety of tasks in difficult areas. Depending on the output of the engine and the cutting tool being used, brush cutters are suitable for jobs ranging from thinning out and mowing of grassed areas to thorough clearing of scrub. Powerful STIHL clearing saws are particularly useful for professional work in farming and forestry management. The STIHL brush cutter range offers the right option for every need, for every requirement, for everyone.


* Multi-function handle -

One hand keeps a firm grip on all operating elements for controlling the machine - for safe and reliable operation.


* Loop handle -

Brush cutters with loop handles are just the right tools for trimming and thinning jobs, working without a harness and in areas where space is



* Automatic decompression -

The decompression system increases the time the intake valve is open. This considerably reduces the effort needed to pull the rope.


* Long-life air filter system -

Allows long intervals between cleaning and provides reliable engine protection.


Engine Capacity (cc)27.2
Output Power (hp)0.9
Fuel tank capacity (Litres)0.33
Line diameter (mm)2
Weight (kg)4.1
Shaft typeBent
Starter mechanismRecoil
AV systemNo
Max Domestic Warranty (mth)24


£210.00 Regular Price
£200.00Sale Price
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