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Our Professional X charger is designed to get BAX1500 backpack battery users back on the move. To ensure optimum performance, efficiency and longevity, these high energy capacity batteries incorporate intelligent individual cell monitoring and balancing, both when it’s powering a tool and when it’s recharging.


Professional-X charger with an impressive 210 minute rapid charge time on Professional-X battery BAX1500. A fan cooled charging system, preventing the battery and charger from overheating. The LED charging / diagnostic indicator also provides constant feedback on battery status and recharge levels

BAX1300 56V Battery 1299WH Battery: 300-minute charge time 

BAX1500 56V Battery 1568WH Battery: 420-minute charge time and 210-minute rapid charge time


Charge Time (Rapid)210 mins
Charge Time (Standard)420 mins
Weight1.77 kg


£139.00 Regular Price
£129.00Sale Price
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